Welcome to your official city guide to Prague, Czech Republic. Find everything you need to plan your trip, from top attractions to travel information.


Must see-sights

Must see-sights

There are many very interesting places in Prague you might come across though in our Prague Guide they won´t fit into a particular category.

Jewish quarter

Jewish Quarter

In Czech the Jewish Quarter in Prague is called Josefov, named after the emperor Joseph II (1741 – 1790) whose reforms made life for Jews much easier and more comfortable.

Concert Halls

Concert halls

Prague boasts a number of concert halls and concert stages that regularly host major concerts and festivals.

Prague churches

Prague churches

Prague is often called the city of a thousand spires – when you have a look at the skyline you will understand why. 

Prague monasteries

Prague monasteries

Apart from virtually hundreds of churches that are in Prague there are also several monasteries. In this part of the Prague Guide we will introduce them to you.

Famous houses

Famous Houses

There are not many cities or towns in the world where you would find so many charming houses as in Prague. In our Guide you will see those certainly worth visiting!

Prague museums

Prague Museums

There are virtually dozens of museums in Prague, most of them are open throughout the whole year. Moste of them will also have their displays in several languages.

Prague bridges

Prague Bridges

As you will see in the Prague Guide Prague is not just about Charles Bridge, there are several other beautiful bridges and it would be a pity not to see them!

Prague squares

Prague Squares

You may have heard about Wenceslas Square, Charles Square or some others, here you will learn more about them including some very interesting facts from the history.

Famous streets

Famous Streets

Check out which streets in Prague are worth a visit and why. Here you will find small winding streets as well as wide Parisian-style boulevards.

Prague embankments

Prague Embankments

There are several embankments in Prague along the Vltava - in our Prague Guide we will eventually list here all of them. From most of them there is a wonderful view of Prague.

Prague parks & gardens

Prague Parks & Gardens

In all seasons the parks and gardens in Prague are just magnificent - in the Prague Guide you will see plenty of photos.

Prague palaces

Prague palaces

The historical centre of Prague is literally dotted with palaces. You can admire their beauty, diverse architectural styles and magnificence.

Other interesting sights

Other Interesting Sights

There are many interesting places in Prague you might come across though in our Prague Guide they won´t fit into a particular category.