Public holidays

Public holidays

Public holidays/State holidays:

1st of January – Day of Renovation of the Independent Czech State

The independence was declared on 1st January 1993 when the Czech Republic and Slovakia split.

8th of May – Liberation Day (1945)

5th of July – Cyril and Methodius Day – the Slavic Christianity Prophets

6th of July – Master John Hus burning at the stake (1415)

28th of September – Day of the Czech Statehood

28th of October – Independent Czechoslovak State Proclamation Day (1918)

This is probably the most important state holiday of the year. Czechoslovakia proclaimed independence on the Austro-Hungarian Empire after World War I.

17th of November – Day of a Struggle for Liberty and Democracy

A day when the "Velvet revolution" began.

Other holidays:

1st of January – New Year’s Day

Easter Monday

1st of May – Labour Day (May Day)

24th of December – Christmas Eve

Big shops are usually still open on this day.

25th of December – Christmas Day

26th of December – Boxing Day