Famous Houses

House at the Three Little Fiddles

House at the Three Little Fiddles

The House at the Three little fiddles dates to the Middle Ages – you will find it in Nerudova Street...

House at the Stone bell

House at the Stone Bell

Situated at the corner of Týnská Street and Old Town Square the House at the Stone Bell is one...

Dancing house

Dancing House

The Dancing house was built only at the end of the 20th century and soon became on of the Prague major defining features.

Wallenstein Riding School

Wallenstein Riding School

The Waldstein riding school officially belongs to the Senate of the Czech Republic that rents it for a symbolic fee to the National Gallery...

Vinohrady theatre

Vinohrady Theatre

The theatre which is one of the most prominent theatres Prague is situated at Namesti Miru in Vinohrady.